Mother of murdered gay teen Michael Causer hopes to raise £1 million in order to open LGBT hostel

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

The mother of gay teenager Michael Causer who was killed in 2008 says she hopes to raise £1 million in order to open a hostel for vulnerable LGBT young people aged between 16-25.

Marie Causer said she still cannot find it in her heart to forgive those responsible for his death, whom she brands as “evil”.

Although a witness testified that anti-gay abuse was shouted while Michael Causer was attacked, a judge said the killing of the hairdresser had not been motivated by homophobia.

James O’Connor was jailed for a minimum of 11 years for the murder.

Marie Causer and husband Mike set up the Michael Causer Foundation after 18-year-old Michael was murdered at a house party in Liverpool in August 2008.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo about plans for a hostel in Merseyside, Marie said: “It was when some people contacted me saying they had nowhere to go that I had the idea. I went on holiday in Torquay and there was a lovely chap there who was gay but he couldn’t come out because his parents were Christians.

“I was with my friend Pauline and said would you like us to tell them and he said ‘No, I’ll just run away, get a train to London’. I just thought how sad.”

She added: “Gay people can also have a hard life in hostels because of their sexuality so I decided this is what we should do with the money – fund a safe house where they can be safe if they are thrown out on the street.

“I don’t care if it takes five years or two years or 20 years, it is important to make them safe so they have got a bed and food if their parents are too ignorant to understand that it’s not a disease being gay or lesbian, they were born that way.”

Michael Causer’s killer was sentenced on the basis it was not a hate crime, but his family have always believed he died because of his sexuality.

Marie added tearfully: “It’s just a fact that there’s so much hatred towards the likes of Michael. It’s that which drives me because it was so wrong.”

August will mark the fifth anniversary of Michael’s death.

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