Straight Pride UK claims that 90% of Glastonbury attendees say they are ‘proud’ to be ‘naturally straight’

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A group which claims to aim for “full straight equality”, including the right to hold “heterosexual pride” events, has tweeted from Glastonbury festival to claim that 90% of the festival’s attendees are “proud” to be straight.

Straight Pride UK describes itself as: “A small group of people campaigning for the same rights as homosexuals, the right to Pride..”, its website goes on to claim that the British Government only listens to the gay community, and that heterosexuals are overlooked.

It claims: “Heterosexuals do not have equality, homosexuals have more rights then any sector of society. They have the right to take over city streets, dress ridiculously, and parade with danger and contempt, invade hotels and B&B’s run and owned by people who object to homosexuality, and then sue them when refusal is given. Straight Pride, we believe are normal everyday people, dressed normally, walking and behaving normally, to raise awareness of being straight, and being PROUD to be heterosexual.”

The organisation tweeted over the past few days from Glasonbury festival, saying that it has found that a majority of attendees were “proud” to be “naturally straight”.

One user questioned whether the group had been able to survey all 250,000 in attendance, joking: “Wow, did you survey them all?”.

Another responded: “I’m straight, and you don’t speak for me. I’m proud to live in a diverse society. Now that’s Straight Pride!”

In a post on 18 May, Straight Pride took umbrage at the fact that it had been referred to as “anti-gay” in the media, and went on to call LGBT news publications the “pink mafia press”.

Earlier tweets urged straight people to “be brave”, and “come out”, as straight.