Pakistan: New website helps gay men find ways to get around harsh anti-gay laws

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In one of the most dangerous countries in the world to be gay, the gay community is finding ways to get around Pakistan’s anti gay laws.

In Pakistan a gay man can face life imprisonment in what is widely regarded as one of the most intolerant nations on the planet for LGBT people.

A new LGBT website, Queer Pakistan, which carries the slogan “Don’t hate us, know us”, aims to provide a form of community for the underground gay community in the country.

The aims of the website are to provide support for the LGBT community and to raise awareness of sexually transmitted diseases that are also a taboo in the country.

Punishments for homosexuality vary in Pakistan with convictions ranging from 2 years to life imprisonment and in some cases death, which highlights the risk of providing such a service. The country cracks down harshly on what is considered objectionable material and strong censorship laws are in place.

The site is reported to have voluntary experts on board to give out advice to those who seek help.

The harsh legal environment in Pakistan makes it impossible for LGBT people to live their lives openly, forcing many to remain in the closet, or in the case of some to flee the country and seek asylum in other places.

Despite the homophobia ingrained in Pakistani law it has been reported in the past that Pakistan leads the world in online gay porn searches and Pakistan is rumoured to have a large underground LGBT movement that is secretly campaigning for an advancement of rights in the country.