Russian TV host who denied homophobia says gays ‘deliberately provoke situations to become victims’

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A Russian state-funded TV host who this week denied being a homophobe after saying gay people’s hearts are not suitable for organ donation, has again spoken on the issue of LGBT people in Russia to say that gay people “deliberately call, provoke situations, so that they become victims”.

In an interview with  Ekho Moskvy radio station, Dmitriy Kiselyov was asked by a reporter whether he was aware of recent incidents, such as one during which a gay man was raped with a beer bottle and murdered, after admitting he was gay.

He responded: “Our [Russian] problem with homosexuals is that they behave in a provocative, victim like way. They deliberately provoke situations, so that they become victims. Nobody prevents them from loving each other the way they want to. They are aggressively foisting minority’s values on majority. It is likely that society would counteract this. Naturally, right? In various ways, including brutal ones. Since they are brutally foisting this [on others]. Wanna fight? Get it, then. So what?”

Continuing, he seemed to suggest that there was no discrimination in Russia against gay and lesbian people.

“I regret this situation. But it seems to me that according to our tradition of our national culture we need to accept the existence of homosexuality in our country; great, nobody is persecuting them, there is no job discrimination. But one should not behave in a provocative way. And if somebody is inciting these people to behave in such a way, that’s irresponsible.

Going back to the original point of criticism, he attempted to justify his claims that in the US, Japan, the Middle East, and Europe,

“And the fact that everywhere [in the world] their hearts are being burned, in other words, cremated, and being earthed, in other words, buried, well, understandably, that’s the way it is, that’s an existing practice.”

He also said: “Why should I be ashamed? Think about it. In fact, those who incite these people to participate in gay parades should be ashamed.”

The Russian TV host denied homophobia this week, since he came under heavy criticism after footage emerged during which he said that gay people should not be allowed to donate sperm or blood, and that their hearts should be burned instead of being used for organ donation, as they are “unfit for extending anyone’s life”.

Dmitriy Kiselyov the host of the aptly named Historical Progress programme, spoke on the prime-time show which aired on state-funded Rossiya-1. He has since been promoted to host News of the Week.

In the previous clip he said: “I think that to fine gays for the propaganda of homosexuality among teenagers is not enough. They should be prohibited from donating blood, sperm. And their hearts—in case of a car accident—should be buried or burned as unfit for extending anyone’s life.”