First of its kind LGBT students going out guide launched

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

The UK’s first ever going out guide for LGBT students has launched from Dattch, the dating app for bisexual and lesbian women.

Out of Bounds, the going out guide for students, aims to give LGBT undergrads the information they need for nights out, and bars. It also contains information about day time socials, and places they should avoid.

Creators of the guide reached out to university societies across the UK, and offered thanks for the support received. The guide aims to continue working with LGBT socieites to ensure that students have a say in what goes into the guide.

It will be regularly updated with the latest info to reflect local scenes, as different communities and businesses grow and change.

Out of Bounds was created by Dattch, the dating app for lesbian and bisexual women. Founder Robyn Exton says, “We created Out of Bounds, pretty simply, because our users kept asking for it – a guide to the uni LGBT scene on a national level. The existing official guides are important, but our users were looking for the info less spoken of, the deets on where to go and meet new people, get drunk, make friends and have the best nights of your queer uni life.”