Gay parents make up 12.5% of adoption applications in York

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Adoptions by gay and lesbian couples in York are on the rise, new figures have revealed.

Data from York City Council shows that 12.5% of all York’s adoption applications in 2013 have been from LGBT couples or individuals, with all applications proving successful.

The figure is up from 9% in 2012, while in 2009 there were no such adoptions by LGBT couples or individuals.

York City Council refused to reveal the number of applications made, saying that doing so could lead to families’ anonymity being infringed.

Greg Stephenson, Chairman of York Pride, told local newspaper The Press: “It’s great to see more and more LGBT couples deciding to apply to be adoptive parents, and it is even more encouraging to see they are being recognised as suitable parents.

“This rising trend is a welcome sign that being LGBT isn’t a barrier to raising a family through adoption in the City of York.”

He added: “Society continues to progress and this sends a strong message of acceptance to York’s LGBT community.”

Gay rights charity Stonewall also said: “Any unmarried couple, including a same-sex couple, wishing to adopt will need to be able to demonstrate that their partnership is an ‘enduring family relationship’.”

“In addition to this, laws have been in place since 2007 which make it unlawful for providers of goods and services – including adoption and fostering services – to discriminate against people because of their sexual orientation. This law continues to be enforced under the Equality Act 2010.”

Gay, lesbian and transgender parents have been able to adopt in England and Wales since the passing of the Adoption and Children Act in 2002, which removed the condition that adoptive parents must be part of a married couple. Similar legislation was introduced in Scotland in 2009.

In Northern Ireland, the government is currently fighting to overturn a High Court ruling last year that would allow same-sex couples to adopt.