LBC radio presenter Iain Dale to face further questioning over Labour conference scuffle

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Gay broadcaster, journalist and political blogger, Iain Dale is to face further questioning by police in connection with an alleged assault on Brighton seafront with an anti-nuclear protester.

Mr Dale went to Brighton police station on Tuesday – after finishing his LBC drivetime show – where he was questioned about the alleged incident.

The 51-year-old, who is also the publisher of former Labour spin doctor Damian McBride’s controversial new memoir, was interviewed in relation to an offence of common assault.

Anti-nuclear campaigner Stuart Holmes has also been interviewed on suspicion of common assault.

Both men were involved in a scuffle on Tuesday morning.

Mr Dale had stepped in when he saw Mr Holmes lurking behind Mr McBride with a placard as he gave an interview to ITV Daybreak.

The publisher rushed over and pulled the protester back by his rucksack, upon which the pair toppled over and ended up tussling on the pavement.

Mr Holmes said that when he spotted the cameras, he had assumed they were for Labour Party leader Ed Miliband, whom he was keen to confront.

He said Mr Dale had seen his placard and appeared “happy with it”.

“I was not ruining the interview, I was just in the background. I was not saying anything.

“Then this giant of a guy turned up and grabbed hold of me. I struggled free and in the process we ended up on the floor.”

The BBC reports Mr Holmes said he would be talking to his lawyers next month but was unlikely to take the matter further.

During the altercation his dog appeared to bite him on the bottom.

Sussex Police said Mr Dale had been questioned about his version of events.

Det Sgt Stephen French said: “A man was exercising his right to protest in a public place when this incident took place.

“A man has been interviewed in relation to an offence of common assault and is due to attend Brighton police station again on Thursday.”