Listen: Iain Dale demolishes Christian preacher who condemned his gay ‘behaviour’

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LBC host Iain Dale has demolished a ‘Christian’ preacher who ranted about homosexual ‘sodomites’.

The radio host, who is gay himself, spoke to David Virtue from Anglican news service Virtue Online to discuss the crisis within the Anglican Communion.

However, it soon became apparent that Virtue held some virulently homophobic views, claiming at one point that homosexuals who died of AIDS would have wished they were straight.

Virtue said: “Why should I cater to the current cultural climate? This is a cultural issue for them, but a theological issue [for Christians].

“You’re asking me and others to cave in to sodomy, because a handful of homosexuals demand it? That’s not going to happen!”

However, the host cut in: “Let me remind you before you dig yourself any deeper: you’re talking to a homosexual.”

Virtue tried to mitigate the situation, saying “Well, I’m sorry-“, but Dale cut in: “I’m not sorry at all!”

When the Christian campaigner then decided it was not homosexuals he had a problem with but gay “behaviour”, the radio host was riled.

He said: “You judge my behaviour… you dare to judge my behaviour? How dare you say that!”

Virtue attempted to climb down from his stance, backtracking: “I judge it on the basis of scripture, not personally. I don’t care what you do.”

Dale cut in: “We have more enlightened people in this country, including Archbishop Justin Welby, who actually understand that homosexuality is not a disease. It’s something that people are born with.”

Cutting off the interview later on, he concludes: “How that man can call himself a Christian, I do not know. If the Archbishop of Canterbury had been in the studio with me, durng that conversation,  I suspect he would have been cheering me on.

“The modern-day Anglican Church I don’t think has anything in common with David Virtue. I think he represents all that is wrong with the Anglican church.”