Katie Hopkins gets book deal after gay publisher Iain Dale commissions book

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Gay publisher Iain Dale has announced a new book by controversial journalist Katie Hopkins.

Rude, by Katie Hopkins, is set to be published in October 2017.

The book pledges to carry her brutal honesty, saying she, “doesn’t sugar-coat anything, and neither does she hold back, making her as honest in her book as she is in life.”

Hopkins has become infamous for her TV and newspaper rants, recently getting into a row of “vegan lesbians” with Green Party MP Caroline Lucas.

Gender non-binary food journalist Jack Monroe is currently suing Hopkins after she posted remarks about vandalism on a WW2 women’s memorial.

The MailOnline columnist also previously claimed that the LGBT community “bullied” singer Jennifer Holliday into not singing at Trump’s inauguration.

Publishing the book, Iain Dale, from BiteBack Publishing, said: “I’m really pleased to be publishing Katie.

“I realise she is a marmite character for some, with her robust opinions about a broad range of issues, but this book takes us behind the controversy to see the real Katie. I think a lot of people will be surprised!”

BiteBack is also due to publish a book on chemsex by gay Iraq veteran James Wharton, who has opened up about becoming addicted to drugs.

Mr Dale, an out gay anchor of LBC’s drivetime show, is also known for his on air putdowns of homophobes.

The radio host demolished a ‘Christian’ preacher who ranted about homosexual ‘sodomites’ in one recent phone-in.

He spoke to David Virtue from Anglican news service Virtue Online to discuss the crisis within the Anglican Communion.

Virtue said: “Why should I cater to the current cultural climate? This is a cultural issue for them, but a theological issue [for Christians].

“You’re asking me and others to cave in to sodomy, because a handful of homosexuals demand it? That’s not going to happen!”

However, the host cut in: “Let me remind you before you dig yourself any deeper: you’re talking to a homosexual.”

Virtue tried to mitigate the situation, saying “Well, I’m sorry-“, but Dale cut in: “I’m not sorry at all!”

Cutting off the interview later on, he said: “How that man can call himself a Christian, I do not know. If the Archbishop of Canterbury had been in the studio with me, during that conversation,  I suspect he would have been cheering me on.”