Survey: 40% of LGBT young people believe they have mental health problems

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A new report shows young LGBT people are far more likely to experience mental health problems.

In a survey of 350 LGBT respondents aged 13-25 by LGBT Youth Scotland, 56% said they felt safe and supported by the NHS in terms of their sexual orientation or gender identity; this was much lower for lesbians at 43% – for transgender young people it was 48%.

40% of LGBT young people considered themselves to have mental health problems, compared with the overall Scottish figure of one in four for the general population.

44% of LGBT young people who experienced homophobic or biphobic bullying in education considered themselves to have mental health problems. 69% of those who had experienced transphobic bullying consider themselves to have mental health problems.

Chief Executive of LGBT Youth Scotland, Fergus McMillan said: “The launch of our research today at the Scottish Learning Festival is an appeal to all teachers and other educators to support the health needs of LGBT young people in education. When LGBT young people experience discrimination in education, or when they lack the confidence, support or information to access appropriate health services, their Health and Wellbeing Outcomes are not met. Teachers have the potential to improve educational outcomes for LGBT young people through LGBT inclusion and support.”