US: Conservative commentator upset that CNN called anti-gay group anti-gay

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A conservative US commentator has voiced his upset that a CNN broadcast referred to the Family Research Council (FRC) as “anti gay”, claiming that the group only opposes equal marriage, not LGBT rights.

John Nolte of Breitbart, the US conservative news and opinion website took umbrage at a CNN broadcast which referred to the FRC as “anti gay, claiming that he was “unaware” of any anti-gay stance, and claiming that the news channel was “smearing” the FRC, and its affiliates, reports Right Wing Watch.

Last week Tony Perkins of the FRC spoke out on a radio broadcast to encourage listeners to pray for gay people in the same way that they would pray for drug addicts, or adulterers.

Perkins last month voiced his disapproval at the Pentagon’s announcement that gay couples will be allowed leave to marry, if they live a certain distance from a state which legally recognises same-sex marriage.

Earlier this year he blamed the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, the US military ban on openly gay people serving, for suicides in the armed forces.

Previously, at the start of the US Supreme Court hearings around two equal marriage cases, Perkins claimed that the court ruling in favour of equal marriage could lead to “revolution”.

Coming to the defence of the FRC, Nolte said: “The anti-Christian CNN chose to cover Friday’s Values Voters Summit with a chyron that blasted the three-day gathering of social and religious conservatives activists as ‘anti-gay.’ Unless there is something else going on I’m unaware of, CNN is smearing this organization as anti-gay based only on their opposition to same-sex marriage — a position President Obama held until last year.”