Video: First official trailer of gay HBO series ‘Looking’ starring Jonathan Groff

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Dubbed as the gay ‘Girls’, HBO releases the first official trailer of highly-anticipated gay drama comedy ‘Looking’.

The 30-second trailer, which debuted yesterday evening, focuses on the main character Patrick is played by gay actor Jonathan Groff.

It introduces the premise of the show by chronicling Patrick’s search for a roommate on dating service OKCupid as well as the story of a group of gay friends living in San Francisco.

The trailer shows other plot-lines including a man going through a mid-life crisis at 40, open relationships and searching for “someone who understands you.”

Patrick says at the end: “That’s not easy to find.”

Jonathan Groff, known for his work in ‘Glee’, says he hopes the show delivers on its hype by depicting the “reality of gay sex.”

The 28-year-old recently spoke with Out magazine about the highly anticipated show. Groff, who is gay himself, admitted he has filmed some sex scenes.

“We’re not showing sex to be sexy, necessarily,” Groff noted. “When is the last time we’ve seen gay sex dealt with in a very frank and realistic way? Normally, it’s very salacious and sexy, which it is, but there are complicated things about having sex as gay men that I think hopefully we’ll address on our show.”

The first episode will be directed by “Weekend” director Andrew Haigh.

It will also feature openly gay British actor Russell Tovey.