Terrence Higgins Trust: Paul Flowers claimed no expenses from our charity

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Terrence Higgins Trust has said disgraced former Co-op Bank chairman Paul Flowers did not claim any expenses during his time as a trustee of the charity.

In a statement on Thursday, THT Acting Chief Executive Paul Ward said: “Following the most recent allegations against Paul Flowers, we have undertaken an internal review into the access he was given to our systems during his two years as a trustee.

“We can confirm that he claimed no expenses from our charity, sent no emails from his trustee email address and at no time accessed the internet through us. We have nothing further to add at this stage.”

Terrence Higgins Trust announced Mr Flowers would no longer be on the board of trustees for the sexual health and HIV charity on Tuesday.

Mr Flowers is being investigated by the police for allegedly buying and using illegal drugs including crystal meth, crack cocaine and ketamine. He has also been suspended indefinitely by the Methodist Church.

He is facing fresh questions over his expenses claims during his time as a trustee at the Lifeline Project.

The gay Methodist minister resigned from running the drugs charity in 2004 after allegedly lodging false expenses claims. According to the Daily Mail, the figure involved was £150,000 although the charity has not confirmed this.

The Charity Commission has now launched an inquiry into the claims.

The 63-year-old was the chairman of Co-op Bank from 2010 until May this year when he stepped down as the bank’s financial woes became apparent. The bank lost £700 million in the first six months of this year.

On Tuesday, Co-op Group chairman Len Wardle resigned, citing “serious questions” raised by the scandal surrounding Mr Flowers.