UK: New campaign launched against domestic violence for gay, bi and straight men

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Campaigners in Swindon are raising awareness of domestic abuse against men in same-sex and heterosexual relationships.

The last week of November is recognised as being the time of the white ribbon campaign, to raise awareness of domestic abuse against women.

But some are also using it as an opportunity to shine a spotlight on domestic abuse in same-sex relationships, and domestic violence experienced by both straight, bisexual and gay men.

According to the group, Men’s Sexual Health in Swindon, 40% of domestic abuse victims are male. Gay and bisexual men are twice as likely as straight men to suffer partner abuse.

And nearly half of those who were LGBT survivors of domestic abuse experienced more than 20 incidents before they sought help.

Men’s Sexual Health is working with the Swindon Community Safety Partnership and Swindon Domestic Violence Forum & Swindon on its new campaign, titled “lifting the mask off Domestic Abuse.”

The Scottish Parliament will conduct a roundtable discussion on domestic abuse against men on Wednesday.

It is being hosted by the MSP Jim Eadie. He said: “I am delighted to host this event to raise awareness of the issues surrounding domestic abuse affecting men and their children and to explore further ways in which all of the relevant agencies can develop effective partnership working in this field.”

In October, the Scottish Government published figures showing reports of domestic violence among lesbians up by 6.9%.

Among gay men from 2012 to this year there was a 2.7% increase. LGBT domestic violence charity Broken Rainbow UK said the rise among lesbians was due to increased reporting and not increased abuse.