London: Anti-gay lecturer had ‘no formal qualifications’, claims ex-colleague

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Fresh allegations have been made against a senior lecturer at one of London’s biggest colleges who was suspended last month after audio emerged of him comparing gay teachers to the Ku Klux Klan.

Dr Mark Walcott, head of performing arts at Newham College in east London and a part-time psychotherapist, was secretly recorded making homophobic comments last year.

The audio was published on YouTube after staff at Newham College accused management of inaction following an 8-month investigation into Dr Walcott’s conduct.

The Principal of Newham College, Denise Brown-Sackey, stepped down following the revelations. A new investigation is ongoing.

Dr Walcott admitted being prejudiced and said the gay community was like the “Ku Klux Klan, the Freemasons and the Nazis” who all wanted to boost their “memberships” by “indoctrinating people”.

He said: “I have prejudices about people who are homosexual and are grooming my children and other people’s children into homosexuality when they didn’t actually choose it.

“Gay people’s objectives [are] not just to have lots of gay sex, but also to increase the gay community. Gayism or any sexual preference is subliminally taught and auto-suggestive.

Drama lecturer Richard Shannon left Newham College this summer and says he was appalled by Dr Walcott’s behaviour. He also claims Dr Walcott had no formal teaching qualifications.

Mr Shannon told ITV News: “There was an atmosphere of intimidation and bullying – staff felt threatened by him. We were continually being disrupted by the way he intervened in our work.

“As far as I’m aware he has no formal teaching qualifications and I’m pretty certain he had never run a performing arts department before.

“We had a gay dance teacher who I know felt very, very isolated.”

A spokesperson for Newham College said: “As we have previously stated, these matters are currently being investigated. In light of that, we are not able to comment further at this time, and do not envisage it being appropriate to comment during the course of that independent investigation.”