Tory Vice Chair: Good that UKIP ditched ‘gay marriage floods’ councillor but how many share his views?

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PinkNews exclusive:
The Vice Chair of the Conservative Party Michael Fabricant, has commended the decision by UKIP to suspend a councillor who said same-sex marriage caused floods in the UK and compared abortions to the deaths of Jewish people in the Holocaust.

David Silvester claimed that the floods to have hit the UK in December and January were caused by same-sex marriage and that homosexuality can be cured by Christian prayer.

He also claimed in an interview defending his views that more children have been “murdered” as a result of abortion laws than the number of Jews killed in by the Nazis during the Holocaust.

Mr Fabricant told PinkNews: “UKIP were dead right to suspend him especially following his comments about the Holocaust. But I wonder how many more there are like him?”

He went on to suggest that he would wear a novelty t-shirt against the kind of people who made such comments during Prime Minister’s Questions. He has in the past worn a fake moustache in PMQs for ‘Movember’.

“A couple of years’ back in Toronto I saw in a store a black T-shirt with ‘The Christian Right are neither Christian nor Right’ spelled out in sequins. I agreed with the sentiment though I couldn’t quite picture myself wearing it in the Commons Tea Room,” he continued.

“Besides, I thought it more relevant for middle America than middle England.

“But with the latest pronouncement by a UKIP councillor that he had warned the Prime Minister that the inevitable consequence of equal marriage legislation would be floods, famine, frogs and various other Lord-given plagues, I am now not so sure.

“So stand-by for me in a sequinned Tee in Prime Minister’s Questions! Now, what was the name of that Toronto store?”

The internet hit back following Silvester’s claims, with a spoof Twitter account @UKIPWeather and response from actor and author Nicholas Pegg, who recorded a spoof Radio 4 Shipping Forecast compiled by UKIP.