US radio host: It was ‘selfish’ of footballer Michael Sam to come out as gay

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NFL hopeful Michael Sam’s decision to come out as gay was “selfish” and of detriment to his team, talk radio host Michael Brown has said.

Writing on the conservative website Townhall, Brown argued that it would hamper the player’s potential lucrative selection into the US National Football League: “Looked at from another angle, it was more of a selfish act, and not only in the sense that Sam is suddenly a national celebrity,” Brown said. “What I mean is that professional football is all about the team, and the focus must be on making a joint sacrifice in order to win rather than drawing attention to oneself.

“But Sam has now put his own desires – wanting to be out and proud – above the good of the team, saying to everyone else, ‘Whether you’re uncomfortable or not, and whether this helps the team’s synergy or not, this is who I am’.”

Brown also said it was wrong for people to celebrate the news.

“All the hoopla surrounding the announcement is bizarre. After all, what Sam has declared is, ‘I’m attracted to other men,’ and for this, he has become a national hero.

“What? This is something to be celebrated? Announcing you are same-sex attracted is a major media event?

“Sam has basically said, ‘There is the possibility that I could be physically or romantically attracted to a coach or teammate,’ and for this, he is the new Jackie Robinson.”

Brown suggested it would place his other teammates in a difficult position. “Certainly, any player who admitted to being uncomfortable in the locker room with Michael Sam would be branded homophobic, but can a male athlete in the prime of physical life be faulted if he feels uncomfortable walking around naked in the presence of another gay athlete?

“I don’t doubt the players who say that their focus is on sports, not sex, and I don’t doubt that many gay athletes have never given a hint of their sexuality to their heterosexual teammates.

“But once they have made their announcement, how can everyone be expected to feel completely comfortable? And with the ‘bromance’ type of close relationships that many players enjoy, would they be as physical and free with a homosexual teammate?”

He added: “And since NFL players are hardly known for their sexual purity – with many notable exceptions – is it homophobic to think that Sam’s hormones might be raging for men the way the other players’ hormones rage for women?”

US First Lady Michelle Obama tweeted on Monday to say she was “proud” of Sam’s achievements both on and off the field.

Michael Brown’s website notes: “Since coming to faith in 1971 as a 16 year-old, heroin-shooting Jewish rock drummer, Dr Michael Brown has devoted his life to fostering awakening in the Church, sparking moral and cultural revolution in the society, raising up gospel laborers for the nations, and reaching out to his own Jewish people.”