Yoweri Museveni to sign anti-gay bill into law to ‘protect Ugandans against social deviants’

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The President of Uganda Yoweri Museveni appears to have confirmed his intention to sign into law a bill which toughens punishments for homosexuality in the country.

A Ugandan governmental spokesman sent a series of tweets today during a retreat, saying that President Museveni made the decision after a report was compiled claiming “that homosexuality is not a genetic but a social behaviour”, and saying the bill would be signed to “protect Ugandans against social deviants”.

In December, Uganda’s Parliament passed legislation to toughen the punishment for same-sex sexual activity, including life imprisonment for ‘repeat offenders’.

However, President Yoweri Museveni said he would only sign the bill into law if he had proof that gay people are ‘made’ and ‘not born’ into their sexuality.

President Museveni announced he would not be signing the bill last month, leading to a furious response from MPs who supported the law.

A BuzzFeed reports claims to have confirmed that Spokesman Ofwono Opondo’s Twitter claims that the President will sign the law, are true.

Edwin Sesange Director African LGBTI Out and proud diamond group told PinkNews: “This is so sad on the day when the rest of the population is celebrating love, the Ugandan LGBTI community is down in sorrow. This news is going to make the lives of the LGBTI community more harder and difficult. We are calling upon the entire international community to join us while we are using all the necessary peaceful measures to fight the bill that is about to become law.

“President Museveni has given the anti-gay vigilantees a licence to persecute, torture, discriminate, prosecute LGBTI people and those perceived to be. The consequences of this bill are fatal to the Ugandan LGBTI community.”