Tory MP Crispin Blunt: President Museveni knows he’s talking homophobic bigoted baloney

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Conservative MP Crispin Blunt says the Ugandan President’s decision to sign the Anti-Homosexuality Bill is a betrayal of his own intelligence.

The Reigate MP said on Monday: “President Museveni has signed the Ugandan anti-homosexuality law, quoting Ugandan medical authorities in explanation. This Pontius Pilate defence will not wash in the light of history

“His position is arguably worse, because he has given every indication of understanding the issues. He knows his pseudo-scientists have produced bigoted baloney that flies in the face of global medical opinion.”

Mr Blunt added: “Ugandan decision makers have united in this piece of populist cruelty directed at a minority of their own people. They must now face at least some modest consequences themselves. A travel ban seems wholly appropriate.”

After signing the bill Mr Museveni said that gay people gave each other worms through sex.

The 69-year-old stated in a CNN interview that gay people “are disgusting. What sort of people are they?”

He added: “I never knew what they were doing I was told recently. It’s terrible, disgusting but I was ready to ignore that if there was proof that that’s he’s been born abnormal but now the proof is not there.”

The reference to ‘proof’ was over his claim that scientists had told him people were not born gay – therefore a reason for him to sign the bill.

In a speech last week Mr Blunt argued that Britain should impose a travel ban and strict sanctions on Uganda’s politicians in the event President Museveni approved the bill.

Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell has also advocated a travel ban on prominent figures responsible for the law, including President Museveni.

On Wednesday, Uganda’s health minister said gay citizens will not be discriminated against when accessing healthcare despite the signing into law of the bill.

Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands on Tuesday became the first three countries to cut their aid to Uganda. 

The UK Government confirmed to PinkNews that none of its aid goes directly to the Ugandan Government.

There are already concerns of a witch-hunt against gay people in Uganda after popular tabloid Red Pepper published a list of the country’s “200 top homosexuals” under the headline: “Exposed”.

MSP James Dornan yesterday called on Scotland’s Minister for External Affairs to ensure that the UK Home Office offers asylum to Ugandans outed by the Red Pepper newspaper.