NYC pastor: ‘Pervert’ Obama is ‘releasing white homo demons to scoop up all Black American men’

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A bizarre anti-gay message has been added to the sign outside a New York church blaming Obama for “releasing homo demons on the black man.”

The Atlah Worldwide Missionary Church in Harlem, NYC, put up the sign which reads: “Obama has released the homo demons on the black man. Look out black woman. A white homo may take your man.”

Dr James David Manning, the pastor of the church, is a long-time opponent of the Obama administration, and of the gradual acceptance of LGBT rights in the US.


In an accompanying video, titled ‘White Homo takes Black woman’s man’, Manning expands on his reasons for putting up the sign.

He said that “Black Americans are facing a crisis of the absence of males in the home,” and that 80% of homes are “headed by women”.

“Women are having a difficult time finding a black man to marry”, he says, blaming the number of black men in prison, as well as white gay men.

“Obama has released these [gay] demons particularly upon the black males, this homosexual demon, to enforce as many black males to subscribe to ideas of a homosexual, perverted, LGBT as possible.”

He then refers to Jason Collins, openly-gay NBA star as an “alleged basketball player”, and claims there is a conspiracy to get more black people to come out as gay, with the support of Oprah Winfrey.

Explaining the decision to put up the sign, he said “Of the few black men that are left, they are being scooped up by white homos, leaving the back women in more dire straits.”

“You’ll have a very hard time competing against a white homosexual male… He usually has an American Express card… Homos love the theatre… This is devastating.”

He then claims that “no white homosexuals have come out in the sports arena”. NB Robbie Rogers, a former Leeds United football player came out as gay in 2013, before returning to the US to play for LA Galaxy.

Offering support for Uganda President Yoweri Musveni who signed into law an anti-gay bill earlier this week, Dr Manning concludes, calling Obama a “son of satan”, and a “pervert”.