Watch: World’s craziest homophobes unite to attack gay lizard mafia and ‘brain-eating Beyoncé’

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These days everyone’s teaming it up in popular culture – whether it’s Batman V Superman or the Avengers… and it turns out the same goes for some of the world’s more colourful characters.

Two of our favourite eccentrics – Pastor James David Manning of New York’s ATLAH church and conspiracy nut Alex Jones of InfoWars – met up for a collab this week in a true meeting of the minds.

Pastor Manning has famously claimed that Starbucks flavours coffee with the “semen of Sodomites” and God will shoot flames out of “gay men’s buttholes” – while Mr Jones is a never-ending font of conspiracy theories, including claiming Michelle Obama is transgender.

The pair had a conversation on ‘InfoWars’… or at least, we think it can be categorised as a conversation.

Jones and Manning start out discussing race and Beyoncé’s new album.

Mr Jones says: “I’m pro-human so I say, black people, stop killing your kids… and get them in church, whatever.

“Take them away from Beyoncé, who wants to eat their brain with the CIA, literally.”

He added: “Obama literally is the killer of black people and they love him.”

“Beyoncé is going to inspire children all across every spectrum to act in a violent way, because the media has already promoted her as somebody.”

Jones compared the rise of Beyoncé to the plot of the movie Kingsman, in which an evil billionaire uses the media to inspire violence – a statement which Manning gives “three-and-a-half Boom Shakalakas”.

Shifting to his favourite subject, the gays, Manning continued: “People are demon-possessed… that is not a human spirit. These are demons, people with no constraints regarding what is moral.

“These same demons are now promoting that kind of ideology through our schools and institutions, especially when you talk about homosexuality or sodomy as I call it.”

Jones agreed that “undoubtedly they are pushing this 24/7″, saying he had met liberals who were “literal” devil-worshipping part-lizard communists.

He continued: “I’m not joking, the black people have a green tone, the white people have a green tone, they are turning into lizards or something.”