Swedish anti-homophobia campaigner in ‘critical condition’ after ‘Nazi’ stabbing

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

A Swedish anti-homophobia campaigner is said to be in critical condition following a stabbing during an assault by right-wing activists over the weekend.

Showan Shattak, a supporter of Malmo FF, was on Saturday evening stabbed, by Facebook page Ultras Malmo, a supporters network for the club.

Shattak founded ‘Football fans against homophobia’, in Sweden, and the report suggests that he was attacked by “Nazis” in Malmo, and was left in critical condition.

Following the attack, Ultras Malmo released a statement condemning the assault.

It said: “All of our thoughts and all our love today goes out to our friend Showan who was last night was stabbed and beaten by Nazis. Showan is currently under sedation in hospital. Showan is one of Malmö ‘s most active figures and has strongly contributed to building up the culture of stands today in the MFF.

“Our stand is a place of communion and where everybody with a sky-blue heart is welcome. We will never accept racism and Nazism in our stands or in our city. We invite everyone to give their thoughts to Showan and his family. All love to you Showan. Fight!”