US: Press agency accidentally labels basketball team’s new uniform ‘gay’

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

The Associated Press has apologised to a NBA basketball team, after a typo led them to accidentally describe their new gray uniform as ‘gay’.

The unfortunate typo in a story about the Brooklyn Nets read: “The Nets debuted an alternate gay, short-sleeve, V-neck home jersey with Brooklyn across the chest in blue lettering.”

The Brooklyn Nets last month signed Jason Collins, the first openly gay NBA player.

The slip-up, found by Deadspin, made it into a report about the basketball team’s game last Friday.

A statement from Associated Press read: “In a March 22 story about the Brooklyn Nets’ victory over Boston, The Associated Press mischaracterized the alternate jersey the Nets debuted. It is gray, not gay.”

Last week, Collins revealed he had been a victim of ‘gay taunts’ from a player on an opposing team.