US: Florida man charged with attempted murder of lesbian couple and eight children

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A Florida man has been charged with the attempted murder of a lesbian couple and their eight children, after attempting to burn their house to the ground.

73-year-old Braulio Valenzuela faces ten counts of attempted murder and one of arson for the attack on his neighbours, which police believe was a hate crime motivated by the couple’s sexuality.

LaTania Dansey, girlfriend Norma and their eight children managed to escape without harm before their house was set ablaze, but were left feeling shaken by the attack.

Dansey said: “I saw flashing light. Then I heard crackling (…) I feel good that they are OK, and we’re OK too.”

Valenzuela was caught on camera leaving his home at 4:30am on Saturday, disappearing behind his neighbours’ house shortly before it caught fire.

According to WSVN, he confessed that he hates seeing the two female neighbours kiss and does not think they deserve to have children, but denies sparking the fire.

Valenzuela is being held on a $230,000 (£139,000) bond.