US: Trans student told she can’t use women’s toilet at college

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A transgender student in North Carolina says a campus security officer asked her for identification to verify her gender after she exited the women’s toilet.

The incident occurred on 19 March at Piedmont Community College in Charlotte.

Andraya Williams, 22, says she was escorted off campus by several guards and suspended after using the facility.

It’s claimed the security officers would not tell Ms Williams why she was being detained, and the head of security informed her that she was not allowed back on campus until further notice.

The student was told that she was suspended because she did not show identification – a claim which she denies.

Ms Williams said: “It was very embarrassing and humiliating because I didn’t feel like it was any of her business.”

Legal representatives say the student then attempted to file a complaint with the Equal Opportunity and Title IX Coordinator, but was informed that she could not file a complaint.

It’s alleged Ms Williams was told that as a transgender person, she has “no legal rights.”

Ms Williams learnt she could return to school only if she used a gender-neutral restroom.

A spokesman for the college denied the student was suspended, claiming she was only reprimanded for not showing ID.

“Central Piedmont, like many colleges and universities across the country, is beginning to recognise and understand the needs of transgender students. However, the college must balance these needs with those of the general student population,” the college said in a statement.