Mike Huckabee: I’m not homophobic, I’m just on the right side of the Bible

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Mike Huckabee has told a crowd of supporters that he is “not homophobic”, insisting, “I am just on the right side of the Bible.

The former GOP Governor of Arkansas, who is also a pastor, made the comments speaking to the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition, during which he also called for Christians to “rise up” against opponents.

He said: “I’m not against anybody. I’m really not. I’m not a hater. I’m not homophobic… I honestly don’t care what people do personally in their individual lives.”

Responding to those who accuse him of being on the “wrong side of history”, he said: “‘You’ve got to understand, this for me is not about the right side or the wrong side of history, this is the right side of the Bible, and unless God rewrites it, edits it, sends it down with his signature on it, it’s not my book to change.’ Folks, that’s why I stand where I stand.”

“Why is it that Christians stand back and take it in the teeth time and time and time again?” Huckabee continued. “But we cannot change this country if we do not rise up and vote with an informed mind and a committed spirit and if we’re not willing to stand alone.”

The Fox News presenter, former governor of Arkansas, and 2008 Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee warned in 2013 that “every fear” over same-sex marriage has come true, including “television commercials portraying same-sex couples.”

In 2012 Huckabee suggested a rejection of “natural law”, and “natural family of a father and mother”, were the reasons for the school massacre at Newtown, Connecticut.

He has previously stated that he opposes equal marriage partly because of the “ick factor”,