Drag Race star announces they’ve quit drag: ‘I’m over it’

Drag Race host RuPaul looks shocked.

Canada’s Drag Race star Eve 6000 has announced that she has quit drag, explaining that she’s “over it, for many, many reasons”.

Eve 6000 appeared on season two of the Brooke Lynn Hytes-hosted Canada’s Drag Race in 2021, and was eliminated in eighth place.

Despite a relatively early departure from the show, Eve, whose hometown at the time of filming was Toronto, became a firm fan-favourite after her exit due to her Twitter (now X) hot takes and political commentaries, particularly surrounding the furore over children attending drag shows.

Those hoping to see Eve as a performer once more, though, will be disappointed, as she has taken to X today (4 April) to announce her departure from drag.

Canada's Drag Race star Eve 6000
Eve 6000 has quit drag. (Crave)

Eve, who publicly announced her transition in early 2022, wrote: “I’m just going to say at this point that I’ve officially quit drag.”

She continued by clarifying that she’ll be leaving the art form “at least as it relates to Drag Race.”

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“Drag will always be a part of my life that led me to who I am, but Drag Race isn’t something I would ever wish to personally be a part of again.”

In a follow up post, Eve wrote: “Not like it’s big news to anyone but yeah. I’m over it for many, many, many reasons… I’m flourishing in life more than I ever have since I finally let it go a year ago.”

Unfortunately for fans wishing to see Eve on another season of Drag Race – including the upcoming Canada’s Drag Race: Canada vs the World season two – she went on to reply to a few fans to further explain herself.

In response to a question from a fan about her decision to retire from drag, Eve wrote: “…It’s more like I’m distancing myself from something that was not a good presence in my life anymore.

“I can’t say I’ll never do drag again because it was an art form that I loved, but I know I never want to go backwards.”

She then replied to another fan that drag “absolutely”, helped her “realise everything [she] didn’t want to be.”

As she demonstrated in her iconic Rusical performance, though, it’s always possible Eve 6000 will have one more trick up her… sleeve.