Nigel Evans: ‘I have never been in a proper relationship but I would like to marry’

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MP Nigel Evans has spoken for the first time about his desire to settle down and marry.

In an interview to the Press Association, the MP said he had conducted an “open relationship” with a “special person” in London for seven years.

Mr Evans said the 33-year-old man had been “very supportive” during his 11 months of hell.

The Ribble Valley MP and former Commons deputy speaker was last Thursday cleared of all rape and sexual assault charges.

Of his hopes for the future the MP told PA: “I would love to have a serious, committed and special relationship with another man.

“What we all want is a loving relationship. I would like to have gay marriage.”

Mr Evans, who only came out as gay in 2010 after the death of his mother Betty, said: “I have never been in a proper relationship.

“I have been in a sort of open relationship with a 33-year-old man for seven years.

“He has been incredibly supportive of me throughout this ordeal.”

The MP continued: “Whether we go on to have a serious and proper relationship is something we will have to talk about now this is over.

“He is not my partner he is my ‘special person’. He has been to Pendleton and likes it.”

Mr Evans spoke of his dream: “To marry somebody and spend the rest of my life with them.

“I have no problem over gay marriage and my Christian faith.

“i don’t know if it will be with this man. It is something I would like in the long term.

“I wish I had come out years ago. But things are different now. It’s not such a big deal.”

In an interview with PinkNews in 2011, Mr Evans said: “I’ve thrown away 35 years of my life”.

He resigned as deputy speaker in September last year after being charged.

The MP had given up the party whip to become deputy speaker.

Mr Evans made it clear he intends to return to the Tory fold and fight the next election as a Conservative candidate.