UK: Nursery worker, fired for refusing to read ‘gay stories’ to children, sues for religious discrimination

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A Christian nursery worker, who was fired after giving a Bible to a lesbian colleague and refusing to read ‘gay stories’ to children, is suing her former employer for religious discrimination.

According to the Telegraph, Sarah Mbuyi was fired from a London chain of nurseries, Newpark Childcare, over claims of “harassment” of a lesbian colleague, and “gross misconduct”.

In December, Myubi’s lesbian co-worker was hospitalised following an accident at work, and Mbuyi gave her a ‘gift’ of a Bible.

Myubi claims the gift was well received and a result of ‘interest’ the co-worker had shown in her faith, but the following month, during a discussion with the co-worker about sexuality, Myubi said: “if I tell you that God is OK with that I am lying to you”.

At a disciplinary meeting held over the harassment claims, she was warned about her behaviour.

Her employers asked her how she would feel if she had to read stories featuring same-sex couples to the children, and Myubi said she would refuse to do so.

Her case is being pursued  by the Christian Legal Centre.

Andrea Williams, the group’s CEO, said: “The Christian Legal Centre is representing Sarah Mbuyi as the latest in a line of Christians who are being threatened by a movement to repress Christians from living out a genuine expression of their faith in a country which once led the world in freedom and justice.

“Sharing Biblical truths out of genuine love and concern for colleagues is being outlawed in the workplace by a dominating cultural correctness.

“There is a culture of fear which closes down freedom of speech and the manifestation of faith. This culture brands the liberating good news of the Gospel as oppressive and regressive.”