Christian Concern: David Cameron must help the sacked nursery worker who is against gay marriage

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Christian Concern has demanded David Cameron intervene in the case of a London nursery worker who was fired after refusing to read stories about gay couples to children.

Sarah Mbuyi was sacked from Newpark Childcare in Highbury over claims of harassing a lesbian colleague.

During a discussion with the co-worker about sexuality, Ms Myubi said: “If I tell you that God is OK with that I am lying to you”.

Defending her views Ms Mbuyi said: “I never ever condemned her, or accused her, but when she asked me directly what I believed, I was open about sharing the Bible’s teaching that homosexual sex (not the people) is wrong. It’s clear that this offended her and she was determined to get me sacked, simply because I expressed traditional Christian beliefs.”

At a disciplinary meeting held over the harassment claims, Ms Mbuyi was warned about her behaviour.

Her employers asked her how she would feel if she had to read stories featuring same-sex couples to the children, and Ms Myubi said she would refuse to do so.

The founder of Christian Concern and the Christian Legal Centre is supporting her plight.

Andrea Williams said: “David Cameron has ignored the concerns of the Christian community by driving through same-sex ‘marriage’. Any dissent in the public space, in the workplace, to the new prevailing orthodoxy means punishment as Sarah is experiencing.

“This is not a government with a track record of recognising and respecting Christian faith. It has deliberately and consistently undermined Christians and their freedom to live out their faith in the public square.

“The Prime Minister has huge influence. If he is serious in his support for Christianity, he will intervene in Sarah’s case and ensure that those who believe in marriage, as defined in the Bible, between one man and one woman, will not lose their jobs but be wholly and properly protected by the law.

“This government has seriously let down the Christian community. Easter statements of sentiment will not suffice. Consistent behaviour is what will be believed.”

Ms Williams recently said David Cameron’s support for same-sex marriage represented “a huge breach of trust between the Christian community” and the government.

Last week, Andrea Williams criticised hospital chaplain Canon Jeremy Pemberton for marrying his same-sex partner and urged for the Church of England to take action.

Earlier this month, Ms Williams commented on the resignation of a gay teacher in Birmingham by claiming that school children were being indoctrinated into homosexuality.