Christian Concern: David Cameron’s support for equal marriage represents a ‘huge breach of trust’

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The founder of Christian Concern says David Cameron’s support for same-sex marriage represents “a huge breach of trust between the Christian community” and the government.

Andrea Williams remains unimpressed with the Prime Minister’s recent Easter rhetoric where he suggested Britain is a “Christian country”.

She said: “It is not apparent from Mr Cameron’s comments that he recognises there has been a huge breach of trust between the Christian community and this government because of such actions as the introduction of same-sex marriage; the restriction of freedom of speech in banning a Christian conference discussing same-sex ‘marriage’ from taking place in a government building, the QEII Centre in London; and the opposition by government-appointed lawyers to Christians fighting against discrimination in cases before the European Court of Human Rights.

“In those cases, the government argued that the cross was not a recognised symbol of the Christian faith; that belief in sexual ethics was not a manifestation of faith; and that the freedom of Christians to live out their faith in the workplace was their freedom to resign (which is no freedom at all).”

She added: “We are looking to David Cameron and ministers such as Eric Pickles, who has also spoken about respect for Christian beliefs, to translate their convictions into actions which uphold rather than undermine Christian values.”

At the weekend, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, said it was “almost impossible” for some Christians around the world to accept same-sex marriage.

Last week, Andrea Williams criticised hospital chaplain Canon Jeremy Pemberton for marrying his same-sex partner and urged for the Church of England to take action.

Earlier this month, Ms Williams commented on the resignation of a gay teacher in Birmingham by claiming that school children were being indoctrinated into homosexuality.