Man accusing gay X-Men director Bryan Singer of rape sues TV executives

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The man accusing Bryan Singer, the director of the X-Men films, of raping him as a teenager has sued three more Hollywood figures, claiming they also molested him.

Michael Egan, 31, alleges TV executives Garth Ancier, David Neuman and theatre producer Gary Goddard were part of an underage sex ring in Hollywood.

“Somebody has to stand up to these people,” Mr Egan, told a packed press conference in Los Angeles yesterday. “You can’t change the stigma that exists in this world against childhood sexual abuse unless someone talks about it.”

Mr Egan’s lawyer Jeff Herman said the alleged assaults took place at a private LA estate which played host to parties attended by high-profile Hollywood figures and “underaged boys, including Mike [Egan]”.

At those parties the young men were “given drugs, they were given alcohol, sometimes they were threatened, sometimes they were given gifts and promised roles in movies; what we call being groomed,” Mr Herman said.

Mr Egan’s mother, Bonnie Mound, said she tried to help her son contact police and the FBI to report the abuse 14 years ago and questioned why the information he provided did not result in criminal charges.

“There is talk that Mike is here for his 15 minutes of fame; do you call this fame?” Ms Mound cried, breaking down in tears. “This isn’t fame. What part of this is fame?

“Sitting here … do you think we like it? It’s not about money, it’s about disarming these paedophiles who use their wealth and power to escape justice,” she said.

A lawyer for Mr Goddard said the complaint was “without merit”.

BBC News reports Alan Grodin, a lawyer for Mr Goddard – who has produced several Broadway shows and created attractions at Universal Studios – said the executive had not yet seen the legal claim.

“Based on what we have heard, the allegations are without merit,” Grodin said. “Once we have seen the complaint we will respond appropriately.”

Mr Ancier oversaw the launch of Fox television and later worked as an executive producer for NBC and BBC America. He is credited with creating The Ricki Lake Show and 21 Jump Street.

Mr Neuman is a former president of Walt Disney TV and chief programming officer at CNN.

The two men have yet to comment on the allegations.

Last week, Mr Egan filed a legal claim against Singer, alleging the director forced him into sex during parties when Mr Egan was 17-years-old. He is seeking more than $300,000 (£178,321) in damages.

In response to the claim, the FBI said it could not discuss specifically what Mr Egan told them, but denied it had ignored any information about the director.

Mr Singer’s lawyer said the action was “absurd and defamatory”.

No criminal charges have been laid against any of the four named.