Petition for lesbian asylum seeker to stay in UK reaches 165,000 signatures

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A petition to stop a lesbian asylum seeker in the UK from being sent back to a death sentence in Nigeria has passed 165,000 signatures.

The AllOut petition calls on Home Secretary Theresa May to halt the deportation of Aderonke back to Nigeria, from where she fled.

The page says that she would face certain danger if she went back to Nigeria, where she was sentenced to death for being gay.

It says she was arrested, and her family was killed, but that she managed to flee to the UK after bribing police.

Theresa May last month ordered a review of the way asylum claims based on sexuality are processed, after facing harsh criticism for lapses.

The petition states: “Finish the review of your processes, stop the humiliation and abuse of lesbian, gay, bi and trans asylum seekers, and train all staff in how to handle these cases fairly.

“Until then, halt deportations of anyone seeking safety in the UK after fleeing violence and jail because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.”