US: Student kicked out of prom for wearing trousers instead of dress

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A North Carolina student was kicked out of her own high school prom, because she turned up wearing red trousers and not a dress.

According to WBTV, student Shafer Rupard was asked to leave by staff at Cherryville High School.

She says she arrived at the prom, held last Saturday at Cherryville Golf & County Club, but after just five minutes a teacher took exception to her outfit and asked her to leave.

She told the news station: “In a way it’s kind of a slap in the face.”

“The teacher tapped me on the shoulder and said she had a problem with what I was wearing. I thought it was because of the hat or the leather jacket and I was like well I’ll take those off and she was like no, it’s the pants.”

“We looked in the student code of conduct book and there isn’t a dress code at all.”

Her mother, Shawn McQuaige, says she doesn’t understand why the school would try to stop the student from expressing herself at her own prom.

She said: “It’s just the way she’s always been and she wanted to feel comfortable in her own skin.

“We want to put out the message to all teenagers that you should be allowed to be yourself

McQuaige took the matter up with the school’s vice principal.

“She looked at it with me and she said you know what you’re right there is no dress code here.”

Rupard is yet to receive an apology from the school for the incident.