Pakistan: Paramedic who admits to murdering 3 gay men appears in court

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A 28-year-old paramedic, suspected of murdering several men in Pakistan, has appeared in court.

Muhammad Ejaz was arrested last week and confessed to three murders, saying he wanted to send out a message about the “evils” of homosexuality.

Ejaz is expected to face full charges in the coming days. He appeared before court officials on Monday, hiding his face as he made his way in front of TV reporters.

The killings took place in the city of Lahore.

Police say he had sex with the men before killing them.

He told officers that he had met the victims, including a retired army officer, at their homes, drugged them with sedatives hidden in food and strangled them.

All three were found with their necks broken.

Ejaz, who was married in 2011 and has two infant children, said his family knew nothing of what he had done and insisted that he was not gay himself.

“I started going on Manjam two months ago using my mobile phone, and found that the gays are everywhere in Lahore,” he said to AFP on Sunday, referring to a popular social networking website.

“They are spreading evil and transmitting diseases. They cannot control themselves,” he added.

The defendant says being sexually abused as a 10-year-old contributed to his actions.

“I have hated them ever since what happened to me,” he said.