UKIP donor: Gay people are incapable of love and wives cannot be raped by their husbands

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A UKIP donor says gay people are incapable of love, believes women should be banned from wearing trousers, and has warped views about rape.

In January, a UKIP spokeswoman said the party no longer had anything to do with Greek shipping tycoon Demetri Marchessini.

In a bizarre move he had taken out a full-page ad in The Daily Telegraph, claiming homophobia did not exist in response to a critical article about Russia’s anti-gay laws by Times columnist Libby Purves.

Mr Marchessini wrote: “In the Orthodox religion, homosexuality has always been a major sin … The vast majority of Russians are Orthodox, and abhor homosexuality.”

On Wednesday, Channel 4 News revealed that Mr Marchessini has made at least one more major donation to the party, on Christmas Eve 2013, and is still in contact with UKIP’s treasurer Stuart Wheeler.

Asked by Channel 4 News Political Correspondent Michael Crick if he thought that the “nature of homosexual relationships is different”, Mr Marchessini replied: “Oh completely different, there’s no love, only lust – and also the actions they do are completely different.

“They go out at night and they and they pick up, five, ten, fifteen different partners in one night. Is that love?”

When Crick suggested that many gay couples are in stable relationships, Mr Marchessini said: “But it’s not husband and wife, they’re roommates and both of them go out cruising.”

“There is no such thing as fidelity in homosexual relationships. They just all go out looking for action. That’s the way it is.”

Marchessini was asked if he thought women should be banned from wearing trousers, and he said they should – because skirts are the only way they will excite men.

Asked why women should dress to excite men, Mr Marchessini said: “Because that is the only way the world is going to continue.

“Because if they don’t men are going to stop fucking them.

“Do you understand, and may I tell you with great respect, that the incidents of love making in the Western Europe have fallen drastically?”

He said one reason for this was because women wear trousers. He said another reason was “because women work”.

He also said that it is not possible for a husband to rape his wife.

“If you make love on Friday and you make love on Sunday you can’t say Saturday is rape,” he told Channel 4 News.

“Once a woman accepts, she accepts. And especially when she makes a vow on her wedding day.”

Yesterday, UKIP MEP Roger Helmer accused The Sun newspaper of misquoting him in comments made about homosexuality.

The paper claimed Mr Helmer had said it was okay for people to find homosexuality “distasteful if not viscerally repugnant”.

Last weekend it was revealed that a council candidate for UKIP in Staffordshire had described the arrival of same-sex marriage in England and Wales as a “Sad day for all us straight people”.

Nigel Farage recently made light of the “fruitcakes and loonies” within his party while appearing on Have I Got News For You.

Earlier this month, Douglas Denny, a UKIP candidate in Portsmouth, came under fire for saying that gay sex was ‘disgusting’ and ‘abnormal’.

He was defended by local UKIP chairman Stuart Potter, who said that he had been “wrongly accused of being a homophobe which he is certainly not.”

Councillor David Silvester was expelled from UKIP in February, after claiming that same-sex marriage was responsible for flooding across the UK.