US Conservative Glenn Beck: ‘If elected, Hillary Clinton will have lesbian sex in the White House’

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US Conservative personality and radio presenter Glenn Beck has taken aim at former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, saying she would “have sex with a woman on the White House desk.”

Suggesting that Clinton only offered her support for same-sex marriage last year because it was “popular” to do so, Beck played on unsubstantiated rumours that she is gay, suggesting if elected, she would come out as gay.

In the video posted by Right Wing Watch, Beck responds to a co-host on his show, saying: “What I heard you just say is that Hillary came out last year?… Because I didn’t think that had officially…”

“I’m telling you, Hillary Clinton will be having sex with a woman on the White House desk if it becomes popular,” he went on.

“She’ll be like, ‘Look, the arc of history wasn’t ready for a President to be a lesbian.'”

Another US Conservative Sandy Rios last year suggested that Hillary Clinton was a lesbian because of her support for gay rights, and said that she was “shocked” that, at a UN conference, there were “tents on lesbian lovemaking”.