Hillary Clinton says trans rights are human rights while responding to criticism of recent anti-trans sentiments

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton said that “transgender people deserve nothing short of full equality”, defending herself against recent accusations that she is anti-trans.

The former secretary of state, who won the popular vote over Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election, has been criticised in recent weeks for her comments on trans rights.

She told BBC Radio 4 that there is a “legitimate concern about women’s lived experience and the importance of recognising that, and also the importance of recognising the self-identification [of transgender people]”, while promoting her new book, The Book of Gutsy Women: Favourite Stories of Courage and Resilience.

Previously, she had been asked about trans identities in a joint Sunday Times interview with her daughter Chelsea Clinton, who co-authored the book.

When asked “if someone with a beard and a penis can ever be a woman”, Chelsea replied “yes,” while Hillary reportedly looked “uneasy”.

Taking to Facebook on Tuesday, November 19, Clinton addressed the fallout that these comments produced.

Transgender people deserve nothing short of full equality.

Underneath the slogan “Trans rights are human rights,” she wrote: “As Transgender Awareness Week draws to a close, I’m thinking about a community that embodies those traits – a community that has overcome some of the fiercest and most violent opposition imaginable.

“Not long ago, I was asked about these issues. Let me be clear: transgender people deserve nothing short of full equality.”

Clinton pointed out that as secretary of state, she “was proud” to introduce legislation that allowed trans Americans to change the gender marker on their passports.

“As a candidate for president, I sought out the input of the transgender community, and put forward a platform for trans equality,” she added.

Taking aim at Trump, she continued: “In a time when we’re living through a crisis of violence toward transgender women of colour that’s getting worse instead of better, cruel decrees from the White House about transgender Americans who serve our country, and an era when bullying and discrimination are being elevated like never before, it’s clear that we have urgent work to do.

“This is a moment for every single one of us to affirm that transgender people deserve equality, safety, and opportunity. ”

Hillary Clinton said she’s learning about trans rights.

Previously, Clinton had said that she was “just learning” about the nuances of trans identities.

During her Sunday Times interview, she said: “It’s a very big generational discussion, because this is not something I grew up with or ever saw.

“It’s going to take a lot more time and effort to understand what it means to be defining yourself differently.”