UKIP candidate: ‘David Cameron is a gay loving nut case and homosexuality is an abomination’

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

A UKIP local election candidate who tweeted that homosexuality was an “abomination before God” and that David Cameron is a “gay loving nut case” faces suspension.

Harry Perry made the comments about “abomination” to a Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate on Facebook.

Lisa Smart, the Lib Dem candidate for Hazel Grove, received two messages in March, before Mr Perry had been adopted as a UKIP candidate in the Labour-held Stockport Council ward of Offerton.

The messages, revealed on Friday by the BBC, talk about how the mainstream political parties want to change the UK’s culture “without the permission from the white indigenous population”, and add: “Don’t you know, Lisa, that God hates homosexuality, you cannot be a Christian and support the gay issue.”

Mr Perry described Islam as “evil” on Twitter last October.

In a tweet published in November 2012, Mr Perry described David Cameron as a “gay loving nut case”.

He also tweeted: “i would leave ukip if they joind with ANY OF THE TTHREE MAIN PARTYS ON THE GAY ISSUE ALONE.”

And said the Conservatives, Labour, and the Lib Dems were all “gay loving”.

UKIP said on Friday it had started disciplinary proceedings against Harry Perry, describing his statements as “crackpot”.

On Wednesday, UKIP leader Nigel Farage said his party should “possibly not” have taken money from a donor who believes gay people are incapable of love and who claims that it is not possible for husbands to rape wives.

Greek shipping tycoon Demetri Marchessin made the comments in a Channel 4 News interview.

UKIP MEP Roger Helmer this week has been at war with The Sun after the paper accused him of being a “bigot” for his views on homosexuality.

Last weekend it was revealed that a council candidate for UKIP in Staffordshire had described the arrival of same-sex marriage in England and Wales as a “Sad day for all us straight people”.