US: Georgia same-sex couples apply for marriage licenses, post rejection letters on Twitter

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Same-sex couples in Georgia applied for marriage licenses yesterday before posting their rejection letters online, to peacefully protest the state’s marriage ban.

The campaign, thought up by Sabrina and Joyce Jones-Smith of Loud Mouth Radio, saw couples go down to their local courthouse and apply for a marriage license, to inevitably be turned away due to the state’s ban on same-sex marriage.

Although it costs $66 (£39) to apply for a marriage license, a loophole in the system means there is no charge for couples ineligible for a license, so the group could make their applications for free.

After being rejected, the couples then took to Twitter to share their rejection experiences, with the hashtag #MayDayGAEquality, to urge others to do the same.

Chatham Probate Court administrator Kim Birge told the Savannah Morning News: “I’m the chief clerk, and I can say everyone was treated with respect.

“Everyone was treated very respectfully. We follow the law to the letter.”

Georgia’s constitution states: “This state shall recognize as marriage only the union of man and woman. Marriages between persons of the same sex are prohibited in this state.”