Watch: Oklahoma ad shows that same-sex marriage ‘makes families stronger’

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A new advert in support of same-sex marriage will be shown from Monday in the US state of Oklahoma.

The ad from Freedom to Marry, shows the Cuyler family, as father, retired Army colonel Ed Cuyler and his wife Robbie talk in support of their daughter Deedra.

It shows Deedra with her wife Amber and their three children. They married in Massachusetts in 2011.

He says: “Here in Oklahoma we value family… When Deedra told me she was gay, as her dad, I was worried, because I wanted to protect her.

“As a veteran, I know freedom means freedom for everyone. And no family should be denied a basic freedom.”

The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals is currently reviewing a case against a 2004 same-sex marriage ban in the state of Oklahoma. 

An overwhelmingly large 76% of voters approved a 2004 amendment which states: “Marriage in this state shall consist only of the union of one man and one woman”.

US District Judge Terence Kern in January ruled that the state of Oklahoma’s ban on same-sex couples marrying violated the US Constitution.

The same court is also overseeing a case against Ohio’s ban on equal marriage.