France: Lesbian daughter kidnapped by family after escaping arranged marriage

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Three French family members have been charged with kidnapping a gay sibling after she fled an arranged marriage.

RFI reports police captured the family after they pursued the girl across France.

Her mother, father, brother and brother-in-law, of Turkish origin, followed their daughter across the country before forcing her into their car in Toulouse on Sunday.

The victim’s partner reported the kidnapping to the police, who began pursuing the family after she went missing on 24 February.

It’s thought the 20-year-old fled to her friends in the south-west town of Tarbes.

She was later discovered by police stuffed in a car in Toulouse.

It’s reported that the family may not have been aware of their daughter’s sexuality until the moment of her disappearance.

The victim was taken to hospital in a state of shock after being rescued from her family.