MEP candidate: I hope the ‘guilt’ of same-sex marriage ‘kills’ the ‘queer gangsters’

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

An MEP candidate for South East England has claimed that “queer thugs and gangsters” used “violence” to campaign for same-sex marriage.

Julia Gasper, formerly a UKIP chair and failed Oxford city council candidate, is now standing with the English Democrats as an MEP candidate.

As well as calling for Grindr to be banned, and saying Daniel Radcliffe and a “queer mafia” were responsible for “victimising” former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich into stepping down, she has recently claimed that world AIDS day “celebrates” those who “spread” HIV.

Now in another blog post, Dr Gasper claims that “every form of bullying and abuse”, was used by the LGBT community in campaigning for same-sex marriage,

She writes: “Fifty LGBT gangsters who have no intention of giving back what they stole are now posing as nice guys by saying that the campaign to re-define (in fact un-define) marriage should have been conducted in a more civilized way. Er…really?”

Dr Gasper writes: “Samuel Lafont, one of dozens of victims of LGBT violence, stabbed nearly fatally in Paris 2013 for attending a peaceful demonstration to defend real marriage.

“Yes, the queer thugs and gangsters who used violence, threats, censorship, abuse, and every form of dirty tactic are now saying that they feel a twinge of guilt about the appalling treatment of Brendan Eich. Well, I hope it kills them and until it does I have to say that their hypocrisy is nauseating,” she continues.

She goes on to suggest that the idea that LGBT people are persecuted is “fraudulent”, and that the LGBT community uses “propaganda” to “indoctrinate” children from the age of five.

“Every day the population is bombarded with LGBT propaganda, carefully doctored news items, posters, some of them downright offensive, and fraudulent claims of persecution world wide. This endless indoctrination takes place in schools with pupils aged 5 upwards. Yet when Anglican Mainstream, the Christian organization, tried to display its own posters across London in 2012 and 2013, the companies who were displaying them had to withdraw them because of the blatant death-threats of queer gangsters”

Dr Gasper’s Facebook page supporting her campaign recently celebrated passing 200 likes.

She previously wrote that gay people needed to stop “complaining about persecution” and start expressing “gratitude” to straight people, on whom they are reliant to be born.

According to Dr Gasper, PinkNews readers should be sectioned under the Mental Health Act, and used the UKIP forum to brand the gay rights movement a “lunatics charter”.

She claimed gays account for 3 percent of the population and half of child abuse, and last year failed in her second bid to win public office.

At the end of last year, she wrote a paper questioning whether gay people sent to death camps during the Holocaust were only sent there because they were also Jewish.

The English Democrats campaign for Britain to leave the EU and for an English parliament to be established.