Met Police investigate Muslim pro-Tory, anti-gay election leaflets

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Police have launched an investigation following the discovery of election leaflets urging Muslims in Newham to vote Tory amid claims the local council is run by “gays” and “atheists”.

The Newham Recorder reports the leaflet lists what it calls the Labour Party’s failures in the borough, saying: “In senior council positions, there are seven times more gays and three times less ethnic minorities than the resident population.

“The vast ­majority of council managers describe themselves as atheist.”

It adds: “The mayor has an open anti-faith, pro-atheist agenda.”

Newham Labour Party, which lodged a formal ­police complaint, called the leaflets “offensive and divisive” and said candidates should distance themselves from such material.

A Conservative spokesman said to “These leaflets without imprints are not Conservative Party election materials. They were issued without our knowledge or authority.”

Newham police said it was investigating with the Metropolitan Police Service Specialist Crime Investigators.