Against Me frontwoman: Arcade Fire should have a real trans person in their video, not Spider-Man

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The lead singer of Against Me! has attacked Arcade Fire’s new trans-centred new music video, which featured Andrew Garfield.

The video, release by Arcade Fire last week, features Amazing Spider-Man star Garfield as a trans woman, putting on a wig, bra and make-up, before going out in public for the first time and suffering a transphobic beating.

However, Against Me!’s lead singer Laura Jane Grace – who came out as transgender in 2012 – has attacked the video for exploiting trans issues without featuring an actual trans person.

She tweeted: “Dear Arcade Fire: maybe when making a video for a song called ‘We Exist’ you should get an actual ‘trans’ actor instead of Spider-Man?”

“It’s called “We Exist” and there is no representation of that existence.

“There are many Trans/non-binary people who don’t have to act gender queer to do a flash dance scene.”

She added that the video “inaccurately plays on and perpetuates stereotypes”, but joked: I would have had no complaint if it was Tobey Maguire ;)” Responding to media coverage today, she added: “Wasn’t [my] intention to ‘slate’. All art is open to criticism. They submit their albums to be reviewed in magazines right?”

Watch the clip below: