Ugandan Ethics Minister: ‘The whites are spreading pornography and homosexuality’

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Uganda’s Minister of Ethics Simon Lokodo had said white people are responsible for homosexuality and pornography.

In an interview with AllAfrica, the Ugandan minister also blamed the constitution and freedom of speech for people doing the “wrong thing.”

As a key supporter of the Anti-Homosexuality Act and the creator of the anti-pornography bill, Mr Lokodo claimed that pornography and homosexuality are spreading in his country.

“The whites brought this culture,” Mr Lokodo said: “Corruption is not the result of poverty. It’s the result of moral decadence.”

The former priest was asked to leave the Vatican after becoming a politician and admits that his faith inspires his politics.

He said: “Life is conviction, and I must have built a character of determination and conviction through my formation as a Catholic priest.”

“I have my reservations whether one deserves to go to jail for being a homosexual. But certainly those who go around proclaiming a wrong gospel must be apprehended.

“These people are unfortunate. Please, it’s already bad that you are a homosexual. Just remain alone.”

Mr Lokodo is known for shutting down LGBT groups, saying that “he wouldn’t allow terrorists to assemble either.”

In February he claimed that Uganda is “tolerant” of gays because the country doesn’t “slaughter them”.