UKIP candidate who said gay adoption is ‘child abuse’ fails to be elected as councillor

A UKIP candidate who described same-sex adoption as “child abuse” has failed to be elected as a councillor in Croydon.

Winson McKenzie, appeared in a video “shadow-boxing”, before an interview on Sky during which he claimed “the UKIP fox has struck again and there’s feathers everywhere.”

Despite this, the former professional boxer only gained 480 votes in South Norwood in yesterday’s election after calling Croydon “a dump”.

Following the result, Mr McKenzie blamed “media tyranny” for his failure to be elected.

“Shadow-boxing” before the interview

With references to quotes of him saying Croydon was “a dump”, Mr McKenzie said he was actually referring to problems with fly-tipping.

Winston McKenzie, also formerly UKIP’s Culture Spokesperson and candidate for the Croydon North By-election, as well as former X Factor hopeful, previously said that he believed gay people should not be allowed to adopt children.

Mr McKenzie appeared in a Sky interview with Adam Boulton

In a later interview with the Metro, he said: “‘I am having you adopted by two men who kiss regularly but don’t worry about it’ – that is abuse. It is a violation of a child’s human rights because that child has no opportunity to grow up under normal circumstances.”

Mr McKenzie said that same-sex adoption when against his Christian beliefs, and attacked some celebrities, saying that they had come out as gay “as a fashion”. He continued:

“There are people out there who bring up their kids encouraging them to believe they are gay themselves.”

In 2005, he unsuccessfully auditioned for the X Factor and has previously been a member of Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

Earlier this month he denied his party is racist in an interview with the Croydon Advertiser.