US: Two gay Republican groups banned from Texas state convention

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The Republican Party in Texas has banned two gay rights groups from putting up stands at the state convention, saying groups that promote gambling and marijuana legalisation are also banned.

The Log Cabin and Metroplex Republican groups held a press conference on Thursday afternoon criticising the party’s decision to ban them from the convention, reports the Huffington Post.

“Overall, Log Cabin Republicans of Texas has found incredible support within the Republican party — Texans, like the rest of the country, are evolving on LGBT rights issues,” Jeffrey Davis, Log Cabin chair said.

“The Republican Party of Texas has even welcomed many of our members as delegates to the Texas State Republican Convention. However, the party has denied our several attempts to host a booth in the convention exhibit hall, citing archaic language in the party platform to support their actions.”

The chairman of the Republican Party in the state has reportedly confirmed that pro-gay groups are now allowed to erect stands at the 5-7 June convention.

The reason the groups are banned is that their position goes against the Party platform, which opposes same-sex marriage, adopted in 2012.

According to the platform, marriage is a “God-ordained, legal and moral commitment only between a natural man and a natural woman.

“We affirm that the practice of homosexuality tears at the fabric of society and contributes to the breakdown of the family unit… Homosexuality must not be presented as an acceptable ‘alternative’ lifestyle, in public policy, nor should ‘family’ be redefined to include homosexual ‘couples'”, it continues.

According to the party, gay rights groups are not being singled out, as those that promote gambling and the legalisation of marijuana are also not allowed to put up booths.

The Log Cabin Republicans criticised the position, suggesting it would damage the party’s place in Texas, where Democrats are working hard to gain votes there.

Gregory T Angelo, Log Cabin executive director said: “This is about an anti-gay wing of the party that hates gay people so much they can’t even stand to see us acknowledged as a necessary part of a winning Republican coalition.”