Video: ‘7 Bible quotes in support of same sex relationships’

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A vlogger has released a YouTube video featuring an openly gay Christian speaker and LGBT activist, which puts forward  seven interpretations of Bible quotes in support of same-sex relationships.

Arielle Scarcella, an openly lesbian vlogger features Matthew Vines in the video, who is well known for starting a project attempting to eradicate homophobia from the Christian Church, and for his book ‘God and the gay Christian’.

“Sexual orientation is a pretty new concept,” Vines notes in the video. “Christians in the past tended to see same-sex behavior as a vice of excess like gluttony or drunkenness, not as a sexual orientation that can be expressed in loving, committed ways. So Christians don’t have to reject their faith’s tradition in order to accept same-sex relationships.”

The full video is available to view above.