Wisconsin Governor: It doesn’t matter what I think about same-sex marriage

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The Governor of Wisconsin has refused to reiterate his previous arguments against same-sex marriage, claiming it “doesn’t matter” what he thinks.

US District Judge Barbara Crabb struck down the state’s same-sex marriage ban on Friday, leading some clerks to begin marrying couples immediately.

Attorney General J B Van Hollen has aggressively fought against the ruling, seeking an emergency stay to put the ban back in place, and even warning that the clerks could be ‘punished’ for carrying out marriages.

However, the state’s Republican governor Scott Walker – tipped to be a Presidential candidate in 2016 – yesterday repeatedly dodged questions about his stance on same-sex marriage at a press conference.

He told the Journal-Sentinel: “If the people voted to change something in the state’s constitution, I think it is right for the state’s attorney general to uphold the constitution.

“It really doesn’t matter what I think now, it’s in the constitution.”

Pressed on his opinion, he added: “I don’t comment on everything out there.”

Asked whether his lack of a clear answer meant he was rethinking his position on the issue, he said: “No, I’m just not stating one at all.”

He added: “You can print whatever you want, but I did not decline comment.”

Over 500 same-sex couples have so far married in Wisconsin.

Judge Crabb is holding a hearing today, during which she may temporarily stop same-sex couples from marrying.